Five teens went camping. One survived.

Seventeen-year-old Jill Turner is the final girl, the lone survivor of a campsite massacre. Now, a killer is on the loose, and Jill holds the key to catching him. But this killer is no ordinary man. He is a monster, both alive and dead, and Jill knows this all too well. She knows what the monster is. She knows where he comes from. And she knows that he will kill again.

For veteran homicide detective Darlene Moore, this case is personal. Having lost her daughter two years ago, she finds herself drawn to Jill, and she will stop at nothing to protect her. But there is something strange about Jill’s story, something that leads Darlene to wonder if the girl knows more about the killer than she is letting on.

Jill is keeping a secret, one that has cost the lives of four of her friends. As Jill struggles with her past and the knowledge that her actions may have created a monster, Darlene races against time to stop a killer before he strikes again.
A mind-bending story of one teen’s descent into madness and another teen’s quest to prevent an unspeakable tragedy.

Fifteen-year-old Charlie Simpson is a ticking time bomb. If somebody doesn’t stop him, he is going to explode. Fellow student Sam Caffey has never met Charlie, but he’s been watching him. He knows that Charlie is dangerous, and he knows that if he doesn’t act fast, people are going to die.

But the more Sam learns about the enigmatic Charlie, the more he begins to question his own sanity. He wants to stop Charlie. He wants to tell somebody that Charlie has killed and is going to kill again. But he can’t. Something in his head won’t let him. Is Charlie controlling Sam’s thoughts? Or is Sam losing his mind?

Sam has seen Charlie kill, but nothing can prepare him for what Charlie is about to do next. Charlie wants revenge. He wants to kill everybody who has ever wronged him. Can Sam stop Charlie? Or will he be forced to join him?

Immortality can be deadly.

It’s 2179. Humanity has discovered the fountain of youth. Cloning technology and the Great Database give humans the ability to transfer their consciousness to new and improved cloned bodies. Living multiple lifetimes is a reality. Immortality is a very real possibility.

But this scientific breakthrough comes at a steep price. The former United States finds itself in the throes of a Civil War. After decades of relentless persecution, the Clones have seceded from the Union, created the Pacific States of America and declared war on their tyrannical Mortal neighbors to the east. But it is a war the Clones have little hope of winning. They are outgunned, and they are grossly outnumbered.

Jack Callahan is a Clone. Disillusioned with a lifetime of war, he is looking for a way out of his seemingly hopeless existence. He finds a glimmer of hope in his search for a mythical world that is said to exist beyond the boundaries of the Great Database. It is there that he hopes to find a way to end the war once and for all. But finding this mythical world is a race against the clock. After decades of searching, the Mortals have located the Great Database. They’re on their way, and they’re determined to destroy the Great Database and the Clones in one fell swoop.

The Perfect Moment Trilogy

A Science Fiction/Mystery Novel That Will Knock You Flat!

Emily is terrified. She is lost and alone in a world in which her family, her friends, the entire human race has moved into the future without her. Racing to catch up, she finds herself in a shocking new world, a utopian world. It’s all so perfect…perhaps too perfect. As she finds cracks in the utopian façade, a powerful force from a distant world calls to her. It wants her, and it will not give up until it has her. She doesn’t know why it wants her, but her determination to face the mysterious force sets her on a path to a planet sixteen light-years away…where it waits for her…waits to fulfill her destiny. Emily has a date with destiny. It is a destiny that will have a frightening impact on the fate of humanity.

The mind-blowing second installment in the Perfect Moment Trilogy has arrived!

The crew of the starship Encounter have returned to Earth to discover the shocking truth. They are the last five humans on Earth, and they’ve been tasked with saving humanity’s future. But humanity’s future is bleak. Terrified that they will be the last humans to walk the face of the Earth, they embark on a journey to a mysterious planet in a desperate attempt to bring life back to their world. But something insidious is waiting for them, a race of malevolent beings that will stop at nothing to destroy their way of life. The future of Encounter’s crew is so dark that Emily Díaz, a being of pure consciousness who can see into the future, is terrified by what she cannot see. She cannot see a future for her friends, for herself, for humanity.

The truth is more shocking than she can possibly imagine!

Emily finds herself face to face with The Designer, an enigmatic being who holds the answers to life’s greatest mysteries. But the answers that Emily has been seeking come with a burden that may be too great to bear. With the lives of her friends hanging in the balance, she is tasked with saving humanity from a fate worse than extinction. But The Designer is holding something back about the nature of Emily’s existence, something that the man who calls himself “Sebastian” refers to as “that deepest and darkest of secrets.” As terrified as Emily may be, she cannot hide from that deepest and darkest of secrets. At the risk of losing everything, she must confront the mind-bending truth head on.